Join the USAA

USAA Works for You!

Through its most recent affiliation with AASA, USAA will become a clearing house for expressing urban concerns, recommendations, and legislative initiatives.

The Executive Board of USAA is composed of five regional Vice Presidents that bring a national awareness to hot button issues.

Let USAA Be Your Professional Organization

USAA has a single focus membership group -- the superintendent of schools in urban communities. Since superintendents are at the center of changes, it is our belief that a compact group of superintendents who can network, teach, and share successful practices is the best kind of staff development activity.

USAA is a strong believer in family values and family support systems. Therefore, all USAA activities are designed to include spouses as active participants.

Cost Effective

When you join USAA, there is a single membership fee. This includes your ticket to our conferences, academies, and the variety of informational materials we provide to you. The Association is really an educational foundation with strong support from some of America's leading corporations. Become an active member today, or if you are retired and wish to continue your membership with LUSAA, a special rate is offered.

Our membership application is temporarily down for maintenance. For membership information, please contact us directly using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Last update: July 26, 2013